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The region of Transylvania it lies in the central part of the country, surrounded by the Carpathians which cross Romania. One of the main cities, Cluj-Napoca, stands on the plateau, while Brasov and Sibiu are at the foothills of the southern Carpathians.
`Transylvania` is a latin expression and means the land beyond the forests. Transylvania. Transylvania is one of the most important regions of Romania and of Europe as well. It is one of the provinces of medieval Romania which experienced difficult moments along the centuries. And last, but not least, it is a region rich in natural and historical tourist attractions, being situated inside the arch of the Carpathians. An important tourist attraction associated to the name of Transylvania is the legend about Count Dracula.
In Transylvania is so much to do because here you cand find ski resorts and health spas, hiking trails and the Retezat National Park, fascinating medieval towns, art museums and good hotels.


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