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Muntenia is a historical province of Romania, usually considered Wallachia-proper (Muntenia, Țara Românească, and the seldom used Valahia are synonyms in Romanian). It is situated between the Danube (south and east), the Carpathian Mountains and Moldavia (both north), and the Olt River to the west. The latter river is the border between Muntenia and Oltenia (or Lesser Wallachia). Part of the traditional border between Wallachia/Muntenia and Moldavia was formed by the rivers Milcov and Siret. The most important city from Muntenia is Bucharest- the Romanian Capital. Also an important sight from this county is Peles Castle from Sinaia. There are three important and citadels in Muntenia and those are the antique citadel Argedava , the Medieval Citadel from  Giurgiu and the Medieval Citadel from Poienari.

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