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With thickly forested hills and tranquil valleys undulating off into the horizon, Moldavia mixes the rich folklore, beauty and turbulent history of Transylvania and the quietly appealing, bucolic paradise of Maramures into its own fusion of the best of Romania. Cavort through the countryside on horse-drawn carts, stopping to gawk at the world-famous medieval painted monasteries. Hike or ski over eye-popping mountain terrain. Then urbanise in Iasi and Suceava, where the first generation to have no vivid memories of Ceauşescu is rapidly developing a taste for fine food, shopping and late-night indulgence.
In 1359, under Prince Bogdan of Cuhea, Moldavia became the second Romanian principality to divorce itself from the Hungarians. During the 18th century the region served as a refuge for thousands fleeing persecution in Hungarian-ruled Transylvania. Ştefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) and his son Petru Rareş erected fortified monasteries and churches throughout Bucovina, many of which have survived centuries of war and enjoy Unesco World Heritage status. Mired under Turkish rule after Petru Rareş’ defeat in 1538, Moldavia was finally united with Wallachia by Alexandru Ioan Cuza in 1859. Almost immediate cultural and economic growth followed and the modern Romanian state was born, with Iasi as its capital.
Moldavia used to be much larger. Bessarabia, the area east of the Prut River, was annexed by Russia in 1812. Despite being recovered from 1918 to 1940 and again from 1941 to 1944, Bessarabia is now split between Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Northern Bucovina is now in southwestern Ukraine.
Romanians refer to Moldavia as ‘Moldova’ (the Slavic form of Moldavia), a Stalinist legacy and point of confusion for visitors. Neighbouring Moldova is referred to as the ‘Republic of Moldova’.
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