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Maramures is a fairy tale area, but this is not a secret for anybody, whether you have been there, you have friendsor you have just seen pictures. Maramures County is one of the northernmost provinces of Romania and may be located on a map between the parallels of 47o20'00" and 48o00'15" North latitude and the meridians of 22o52'30" and 25o07'30" East longitude. Maramureş covers an area of 6304 km2.

In the North the river Tisa and the ridge of the Maramures Mountains make up the county's natural border with Ukraine. To the East, over the Prislop Pass stretches the historical province of Moldavia (Suceava county). To the south-east, beyond the Rodna Mountains, there is Bistrita-Nasaud county, with the legendary abode of Count Dracula. The counties of Cluj and Salaj lie to the South and the flatland of Satu Mare county extend to the West up to the Hungarian border.
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