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The North-Estern part of Romania is renowned for the beautiful landscapes and for its cultural, historical and religious objectives that are one of the most precious places of Romania, high estimated by the local people, but also by foreigners.
With old monuments reminding the glorious capital of Moldova province in the Middle Ages, the later named Bucovina has calm and subtle natural beauties. It is a region full of charm and tradition, with well know sub-regions: Dornelor Land (having hunt and fishing areas), Putna Valley, Moldova Valley, Rarau and Giumalau Massifs, and the Hills of Bucovina (a huge history museum). The wonderful monasteries in Bucovina (Voronet, Humor, Sucevita and Moldovita) are real jewelry of Moldovian feudal architecture.
Bucovina is also known for its folk costumes, furniture, pottery, tapestry and carpets. Every detail of these handicrafts reflects the historical and cultural heritage of the region. Ornamental Ester eggs, braided bread, folk masks and traditional costumes are produced in celebration of certain religious events. Many artisans in Bucovina still preserve age-old customs and techniques. Visitors can still observe potters, wood sculptors, needle workers and weavers at work and may buy their products inexpensively.
The cuisine is both simple and healthy. From tasty meat and sausages dishes such ass sarmale (pork stew, minced meat rolls wrapped in sauerkraut or grapevine leaves) to delicious cakes and strong beverages such ass ţuicã (plum brandy) or wild berry brandy.
Hospitality is as plentiful as air in Bucovina. Many local people have turned their homes into guesthouses for visitors wishing to spend their vacation in the countryside. The uniqueness of Bucovina villages makes them "open air postcards" and the ultimate experience for tourists.
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