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Banat & Crisana

The areas of Banat (in the south of the Mureş River) and Crişana (to the north) have a lively, spiritual autonomy found nowhere else in Romania, driven by their sense of regional identity, ethnic diversity and tangible Habsburg influence.
The Romanian Banat includes the counties of Timiş, Caraş-Severin, Arad and Mehedinţi, and is only one of the three parts of Banat Region that is situated in Central Europe. The other 2 parts are: the western part in northeastern Serbia (the Serbian Banat, mostly included in Vojvodina, except for a small part included in Belgrade Region) and a small northern part in southeastern Hungary (Csongrad county).
Crişana is bounded in Romania by Maramureş in the north, Transylvania  in the east, the Banat in the south, and the Hungarian Pannonian Plain in the west. The region consists of the current Romanian counties of Arad (most of it), Bihor and some parts of Sălaj, Satu Mare and Hunedoara.
Oradea, Arad and Timişoara were once large military fortresses marking the southeastern extent of Austria-Hungary, while being culturally and politically married to Yugoslavia’s Vojvodina and Hungary’s Great Plain.
While flaunting three of Romania’s most ‘European’ cities, in both essence and crumbling Habsburg architecture, the regions are also sprinkled with tempting offerings such as the soaring Apuseni Mountains, ski runs, deep caves, gorges, waterfalls and curative thermal waters.
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