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Transylvania - Transylvania Break


3 days / 2 nights

from 425 eur/person

departures on request

Transylvania Break

Day 1 Cluj-Napoca - Alba-Iulia - Sibiu - lunch, dinner

Arrival at Cluj-Napoca International Airport.
Departure from Cluj-Napoca to Alba Iulia.
Visit of the Medieval City: Cathedral of Reunification, Union Museum.
Departure for Sibiu.
Sibiu city tour: Bruckenthal museum, Astra museum.
Leisure time.
Walk in the city center.
Dinner and accommodation in Sibiu.

Day 2 Sibiu - Cozia - Curtea de Argeş - Bran - breakfast, lunch, dinner
Departure for Cozia. Visit of the famous XIV-th century monastery.
Departure for Curtea de Argeş. Episcopal Cathedral visit.
Departure for Bran. Visit of Bran Castle.
Dinner and accommodation in Bran.

Day 3 Sinaia - Braşov - Sighişoara - Cluj-Napoca - breakfast, lunch

Departure for Sinaia. Peleş Castle visit.
Departure for Braşov. City hall place. Black Church visit.
Departure for Sighişoara.
Lunch on the road.
Visit of Sighişoara Medieval Citadel, the only citadel in Europe entirely inhabited. Walking tour of the old city: 9 over 14 medieval towers are still “defending” the city. Among these, the Clock Tower is the most well preserved and here we have the City Museum. Famous houses: Clad Dracul House (XV-th century), Venetian House, Stag House. Staircase will help us get to the top of the Citadel. Church on The Hill, the third largest Catholic Cathedral in Romania.
Depart for Cluj-Napoca.
In the evening transfer to Cluj-Napoca International Airport.

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