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Bukovina - Romania’s UNESCO Heritage


15 days / 14 nights

from 1299 eur/person

departures on request

Romania’s UNESCO Heritage
Day 1 Cluj-Napoca - dinner
Arrival at Cluj-Napoca International Airport.
Transfer at the hotel.
Accommodation in Cluj-Napoca.
Day 2 Cluj-Napoca - Baia Mare - Negreşti Oas - Huta Certeze - Sapanta - Sighetu Marmatiei - breakfast, dinner
Departure to Baia Mare, Maramureş County’s Capital.
Panoramic city tour: Stefan’s Tower, old city centre.
We continue to Sapanta, via Negresti-Oas and Huta-Certeze.
Short stop in Huta-Certeze, probably the richest village in Romania. We will see impressive beautiful houses and strong popular traditions.
Arrival in Sapanta. Visit of the world famous Merry Cemetery.
Visit then Sapanta-Peri Wooden Church, UNESCO Patrimony.
Departure to Sighetu Marmatiei.
Accommodation in Sighetu Marmatiei.
Day 3 Sighetu Marmatiei - Barsana - Ieud - Sighetu Marmatiei - breakfast, dinner
Departure to Barsana.
Visit of the impressive complex of Barsana Wooden Churches ‘Entrance of Virgin Mary in the Church’.
We continue to another famous Maramures village: Ieud. The village is known as the place where were discovered “Codicele de la Ieud”, the oldest Romanian Manuscripts. It’s also known as being the Romanian village with the most important population of children. Visit of ‘Birth of Virgin Mary’ Wooden Church, known as ‘Biserica din Deal’/‘Church on the Hill’. We’ll also visit ‘Biserica din Vale’/’Church in the Valley’.
Back to Sighetu Marmatiei.
Accommodation in Sighetu Marmatiei.
Day 4 Sighetu Marmatiei - Moisei - Vatra Moldovitei - Sucevita - breakfast, dinner
Departure to Bukovina Province, across the Carpathians.
Short stop at Moisei, a nice village placed on Vişeu River. Visit of Moisei Memorial.
We drive over Prislop Pass, one of the highest pass in Romania at 1416 meters altitude. We descend alongside the savage and beautiful Valley of Bistrita Aurie/Golden Bistriţa to see beautiful landscapes, rural area, mountains, pasturages, rivers and forests.
Arrival in Vatra Moldovitei.
Visit of Moldovita Monastery, UNESCO Patrimony.
Drive to Sucevita.
Accommodation in Sucevita.
Day 5 Sucevita - Putna - Arbore - Gura Humorului - breakfast, dinner
Departure to Sucevita.
Visit of Sucevita Monastery, UNESCO Patrimony.
Departure to Putna.
Visit of Putna Monastery. Inside the monastery lies, Stefan’s the Great Thumb, the greatest Moldavian Prince.
Departure to Arbore, via Marginea, famous Romanian ceramic center.
Visit of Arbore Monastery, Unesco Patrimony.
Departure for Gura Humorului.
Arrival in Gura Humorului.
Accommodation in Gura Humorului.
Day 6 Gura Humorului - Voronet - Humor - Suceava - Mitocu Dragomirnei - Gura Humorului - breakfast, dinner
Visit of Voronet Monastery, called ‘Sixteen Chapel’ of the East, UNESCO Patrimony.
Departure to Humor. Visit of Humor Monastery, UNESCO Patrimony. 
Departure to Suceava, former Medieval Capital of Moldavia Province. Visit of Medieval Citadel, Ştefan the Great and Saint’s Equestrian Statue. Visit of  “Saint George” Church, UNESCO Patrimony.
Visit then of Mitocu Dragomirnei Church, also UNESCO Patrimony, in the neighborhood of Suceava.
Back to Gura Humorului.
Accommodation in Gura Humorului.
Day 7 Gura Humorului - Probota - Targu Neamt - Bicaz Gorges - Red Lake - Sighisoara - breakfast, dinner
Departure to Probota. Visit of the monastery, UNESCO Patrimony.
Departure to Targu Neamt. Visit of the Medieval Citadel.
Departure to Bicaz Gorges, following Izvorul Muntelui Lake and Bicaz Stream. Stop for pictures, in the most spectacular gorges in Romania.
Continue to Sighisoara.
Accommodation in Sighisoara.
Day 8 Sighisoara - Viscri - Saschiz - Sighisoara - breakfast, dinner
Visit of Shighisoara Medieval Citadel, the only citadel in Europe entirely inhabited. Medieval city tour: Clock Tower (the best preserved monument) and the City Museum, Vlad Dracul House, Stag House, Venetian House, Stairs House, Catholic Cathedral on the top of the hill (the third largest Catholic Cathedral in Romania after The Black Church in Brasov and Saint Michael’s Cathedral in Sibiu).
Departure to Viscri.
Visit of Viscri Fortified Church, UNESCO Patrimony.
Back to Sighisoara.
Stop at Saschiz.
Visit of Saschiz Fortified Church, UNESCO Patrimony.
Accommodation in Sighisoara.
Day 9 Sighisoara - Darju -  Prejmer - Brasov - Bran - breakfast, dinner
Departure to Darjiu. Visit of the Fortified Church, UNESCO Patrimony.
Departure to Prejmer. Visit of the Fortified Church, UNESCO Patrimony.
Departure to Brasov.
Braşov city tour: City Hall Square, Black Church (the most important Catholic Church in Romania, the largest Gothic church between Vienna and Istanbul.
Departure for Bran.
Accommodation in Bran.
Day 10 Bran - Sinaia - Medias - breakfast, dinner
We the visit Bran Castle, also called “Dracula” Castle, listed in top 10 most famous Castles on Earth.
Departure for Sinaia. Here we visit the Peles Castle, the most beautiful Romanian castle, former Romanian Royal Family summer residence. Today is a very rich museum, architectural masterpiece built in German style, between 1875 and 1914.
Departure to Medias, another member of famous „Sieben Burgen” transylvanian saxon cities. Panoramic city tour.
Accommodation in Medias.
Day 11 Medias - Biertan - Valea Viilor - Sibiu - breakfast, dinner
Departure to Biertan, maybe the most famous Transylvanian Saxon village.It was the Religious Capital of Transylvanian Saxons, as Fortified Church Visit of Biertan Fortified Church, the most prestigious on UNESCO Patrimony List, among the seven Fortified Transylvanian Saxon Churches.
Departure to Valea Viilor. Visit of the Fortified Church, also UNESCO Patrimony.
Departure to Sibiu.
Visit of Sibiu, European Cultural Capital in 2007, one of the most touristical cities in Romania.
Walking city tour: Large Square, Small Square, Catholic Cathedral, The Lutheran Cathedral of Saint Mary, Orthodox Cathedral and Liar’s Bridge.
Accommodation in Sibiu.           
Day 12 Sibiu - Calnic - Corvin Castle - Geoagiu Bai - breakfast, dinner
Departure to Calnic. Visit of Calnic Fortified Church, UNESCO Patrimony.
Departure to Hunedoara.
Visit the masterpiece: Corvin Castle.
Departure for Geoagiu Bai.
Accommodation in Geoagiu Bai.
Day 13 Geoagiu Bai - Antique Dacian archaeological sites - Alba Iulia  - Coltesti - breakfast, dinner
Drive to the “antique cradle” of Romania.
Visit of one of the most important antique heritage of Romania, UNESCO Patrimony, antique archaeological sites: Costesti-Cetatuie, Sarmisegetuza Regia (former Capital of antique Dacia), Costesti-Blidaru, Luncani-Piatra Rosie.
Departure to Alba Iulia wich is The  Romania’s Union Capital. City tour: Reunion Cathedral, Union Museum, Catholic Cathedral, Alba Carolina Medieval Citadel, tour of the gates.
Drive to Coltesti, tiny hungarian village, not far from Aiud.
Accommodation in Coltesti.
Day 14 Coltesti - Turda - Cluj-Napoca - breakfast, dinner
Departure for Turda.
Visit of the famous Salt Mine.
Departure for Cluj-Napoca. Cluj-Napoca walking city tour: St Michael Church, Orthodox Cathedral, National Theater, The University, Evangelic Church, Medieval City Walls.
Accommodation in Cluj-Napoca.
Day 15 Cluj-Napoca - flight back home - breakfast
Transfer at Cluj-Napoca International Airport.
Flight back home.

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