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Wallachia - Discover Romania from Bucharest to Southern Transylvania


8 days / 7 nights

from 1205 eur/person

departures on request

Discover Romania from Bucharest to Southern Transylvania

Day 1 Bucharest
Arrival at Bucharest International Airport.
Welcome from Romanian English speaking guide.
Transfer at the hotel.
Accommodation in Bucharest.

Day 2 Bucharest - Sinaia - breakfast, dinner
We start the tour with Parliament Palace visit, the second building on Earth, after the Pentagon, built in the ‘80’s, one of Bucharest’s landmarks.
Panoramic tour of Bucharest: Cathedral of the Patriarchy, University Square, Revolution Square, Romanian Athenaeum (architectural masterpiece; here is the main hall concerts for one of the most prestigious Classical Music Festivals on Earth!), Unirii Square.
Departure to Sinaia, “The Pearl of Carpathians”.
Arrival in Sinaia.
Visit of Peles Castle, Romanian most beautiful castle, former Romanian Royal Family summer residence. Today a very rich museum, architectural masterpiece built in German style, between 1875 and 1914.
Check in at the hotel.
Accommodation in Sinaia.

Day 3 Sinaia - Bran - Brasov - Sighisoara - breakfast, dinner
Departure to Bran.
Visit the Bran Castle, listed in Top 10 Most Famous Castles on Earth, connected to Dracula legend, one of Romania’s most prestigious touristic icon.
Built at the end of XIV-th century, Bran Castle had many owners, including Queen Maria. Today, the owner is Arquiduc Dominic of Habsburg. Among the most famous guest of the castle, it was Vlad Tepes, in 1462, in his way to Visegrad (the place where he was incarcerated for 12 years).
Departure to Brasov.
Brasov walking city tour: City Hall Square, City Hall, Saint Nicholas Church, Franciscan Monastery, Brasov Fortress and of course, The Cord Street (the narrowest street on Earth!), The Black Church, the icon monument of Brasov. This is the largest Catholic church in Romania and the largest one between Vienna and Istanbul, gothic style architecture. Inside, one of the largest orgue in Romania and also a beautiful collection of oriental carpets.
Departure for Sighisoara.
Check in at the hotel.
Accommodation in Sighisoara.

Day 4 Sighisoara - breakfast, dinner
Visit of Shighisoara Medieval Citadel, the only citadel in Europe entirely and continuously inhabited. Medieval city tour: Clock Tower (the best preserved monument, hosting today City Museum), Vlad Dracul House (here was born in 1431, Vlad Tepes, the legendary prince assimilated often with Dracula Prince), Stag House, Venetian House, School Street, Stair’s House, Catholic Cathedral (or „Church on the Hill”, situated on the top of the hill, the third largest Catholic Cathedral in Romania after The Black Church in Brasov and Saint Michael’s Cathedral in Cluj-Napoca).
Afternoon at leisure in Sighisoara:
Optional 1: horse riding at Sighisoara, Venchi, Seleus, Prod, Hetiur, Nades, Jacu Romanesc, Boiu, Sighisoara, on a 44 km itinerary
Optional 2: visit of tiny Viscri village and its Fortified Church, Unesco Patrimony (in this village, Prince Charles of Walles, owns a property, an old house, today a cosy pension). Visit also Saschiz Fortified Church, Unesco Patrimony.
Dinner with folchlorical show “Junii Sibiului”.
Accommodation in Sighisoara.

Day 5 Sighisoara - Biertan - Medias - Sibiu - breakfast, dinner
Departure to Biertan, maybe the most famous Transylvanian Saxon village.It was the Religious Capital of Transylvanian Saxons, as Fortified Church.
Visit of Biertan Fortified Church, the most prestigious on UNESCO Patrimony List, among the seven Fortified Transylvanian Saxon Churches. For almost 300 years, between 1572 and 186t, Biertan was the Headquarter of Saxonian Transylvanian Archibishop, an architectural jewel.
Departure to Medias, one of the seven „Sieben Burgen”: Medias/Mediasch, Brasov/Kronstadt, Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Cluj-Napoca/Klausenburg, Bistrita/Bistritz, Orastie/Grossau, Sighisoara/Schassburg (plus Reghin/Sachsisch Regen and Sebes/Mullbach)
Medias short walking tour: Cathedral, Stephan Ludwig Roth College, Covered Stairs, Castle Square, Maria’s Tower.
Departure to Sibiu.
Visit of “Astra” Museum, one of the richest Ethnographical Museums in the world.
walking tour visit of Sibiu, European Cultural Capital in 2007: Grande Square, Little Square, Huet Square, Evangelical Church, Catholic Cathedral, The Lutheran Cathedral of Saint Mary, Orthodox Cathedral, Bridge of Lies, Craftsmen’s Square, Goldsmith Square, City Hall, City Hall Tower, Bruckenthal Museum.
Dinner in a traditional Romanian restaurant in Sibiu.
Accommodation in Sibiu.

Day 6 Sibiu - Alba Iulia - Jidvei - Sibiu - breakfast, dinner
Departure to Alba Iulia, considered to be “Romania’s Union Capital”.
Alba Iulia city tour. We start with “Reunification Cathedral”, also called “Coronation Cathedral”, was built between 1921 and 1922 . This is the Cathedral where on October 15-th 1922, was crowned Ferdinand and Maria, as King and Queen of Romania Reunified, called “Great Romania”.
Visit then Catholic Cathedral of Alba Iulia and we admire Princiary Palace and Equestrian Statue of Mihai Viteazul/Michael the Brave. Michael the Brave was the first Prince in Romanian history, to achieve Unification of the three historical Romanian Provinces: Transilvania, Moldavia, Tara Romaneasca (Wallachia), on November 01-st 1599.
Nearby are the two buildings of Union Museum and many sculptures/bust of greatest Romanian figures to participate at Romanian Unification at 01-st December 1918.
We will visit then „Alba Carolina” Vauban style medieval citadel, masterpiece of Vauban style.
We will complete the tour of the Three Gates and, if we will have chance, maybe we’ll attend Guard Chance.
At the end of the tour, we will visit the cell where were incarcerated the heroes Horia, Closca and Crisan, the leaders of Horea, Closca and Crisan Revolte, in 1784.
Departure for Jidvei or Cetatea de Balta, famous Romanian wineyard in Tarnava region.
We attend a wine tasting ceremony.
Back to Sibiu.
Accommodation in Sibiu.

Day 7 Sibiu - via Transfagarasan - Bucharest - breakfast, for period B
Departure to Curtea de Arges, via Transfagarasan, one of the two roads in Romania, crossing the Sourhern Carpathians (“The Alps of Transylvania) and one of the most spectacular road in Europe
Having a lenght of 91 kms, the road reach its highest point of 2042 m altitude (in the tunnel close to Balea Lake). After the tunnel, we will stop in a parking for pictures.
Before arriving in Curtea de Arges, we will pass nearby Poienari Citadel, built by Vlad Tepes, between 1456 and 1462, on a top of a mountain.
We arrive finally in Curtea de Arges, the first Capital of Tara Romaneasca (Wallachia), until 1396, when the Wallachian Capital moved to Targoviste.
Visit of the Curtea de Arges Monastery, also called „Manole Master Monastery”, built between 1512 and 1517. This year we celebrate 500 since the works of construction of this jewel started.
Legend says that Master Manole had to sacrifice his wife Ana, to complete the construction, building her in the walls of the monastery.
Curtea de Arges Monastery is called „Santa Sofia” of Romania, here we have the graves of the kings of Romania: King Carol I and Queen Elisabeta, King Ferdinand and Queen Mary, King Carol the II-nd.
Continue to Bucharest.
Arrival in Bucharest.
Accomodation in Bucharest.

Day 7 Sibiu - via Olt Valley - Bucharest - breakfast, for period A
Departure to Cozia Monastery, situated on the shores of Olt Valley.
Cozia Monastery was buit by the great Mircea cel Batran (“Mircea the Old”), Prince of Wallachia between 1386 and 1395 and between 1397 and 1418. Mircea cel Batran was the grandfather of Vlad Tepes. The Monastery, built in a classical wallachian style, one of the most important Romanian Monasteries
Continue to Bucharest.
Arrival in Bucharest.
Accommodation in Bucharest.

Day 8 Bucharest - breakfast
Transfer to Bucharest International Airport.
Flight back home.

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