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Transylvania - Cluj Napoca - Turda - Alba Iulia - Blaj - Jidvei


from 75 eur/person

departures on request

Cluj Napoca - Turda - Alba Iulia - Blaj - Jidvei

08.15 Departure from Cluj-Napoca to Turda.
09.00 Arrival in Turda. Visit of Turda Salt Mine, exceptionally renovated.
10.00 Departure from Turda to Alba Iulia.
10.00 Arrival in Alba Iulia, considered as “Romania’s Union Capital”.
Alba Iulia city tour: We start with “Reunification Cathedral”, also called “Coronation Cathedral”, was built between 1921 and 1922. This is the Cathedral, where, on October 15-th 1922, was coronated Ferdinand and Maria, as King and Queen of Reunified Romania, called “Great Romania”. Visit then Catholic Cathedral of Alba Iulia. Then we will admire Princely Palace and Equestrian Statue of Mihai Viteazul/Michael the Brave. Michael the Brave was the first Prince in Romanian history, to achieve Unification of the three historical Romanian Provinces: Transylvania, Moldavia, Tara Romaneasca (Wallachia), on November 01-st 1599. Nearby are the two buildings of Union Museum and many sculptures/bust of greatest Romanian figures to participate at Romanian Unification at 01-st December 1918. We will visit then „Alba Carolina” Vauban style medieval citadel, masterpiece of Vauban Style.
13.00 Lunch.
14.30 Departure for Blaj, tiny town, knows as “Little Rome”, very important in Transylvania’s history, culture, religion.
15.15 Arrival at Blaj. Visit of the city: Roman Catholic Cathedral, Metropolitan Castle, Bethlen Castle, Saint Trinity Cathedral, Avram Iancu’s Oak, Eminescu’s Tree.
16.15 Departure to Jidvei, famous Vineyard on Tarnava Valley.
16.45 Wine tasting ceremony at Jidvei.
18.00 Back to Cluj-Napoca.
20:00 Transfer at the hotel in Cluj-Napoca.

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